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The microwave is a cornerstone of any modern kitchen — which becomes clear the moment yours stops working. From a hot snack to meal prepping and reheating and all the little things that need a quick warm-up, the microwave is so efficient we don’t even notice ourselves using it. So when there’s a microwave problem, you need a solution that is equally efficient to get your kitchen back to normal. 

With ServiceOne, your new or older microwave model will receive the reliable care it deserves so it can serve the needs of your household with optimal functionality day after day. Our microwave repairs in Omaha extend to all microwave makes and models and are performed by a certified professional using authorized tools and replacement parts for top-of-the-line microwave maintenance and repairs.

ServiceOne has been voted Best of Omaha Appliance Repair 7 years running and continues to serve the needs of our community with world-class service 365 days a year. We only field in-house and fully-trained, EPA-certified technicians delivering fully-bonded-and-insured services so you know that when they leave, your problem is resolved and you’ve just saved money.

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Omaha’s Premier Appliance Service Choice for Over 30 Years 

There’s a reason that ServiceOne remains a premier appliance repair Omaha provider after more than 30 years in the business. Our Home Warranty and Service Plans give customers access to around-the-clock diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs on all of their appliance and functional home needs. With ServiceOne, you can avoid efficiency setbacks and any inconvenience to your lifestyle while saving money through monthly and annual coverage on minor and major repairs inclusive of microwave repairs in Omaha on any make or model.

Learn more about the Benefits of Appliance Repair Council Bluffs and Omaha with ServiceOne.

Why Choose ServiceOne for Microwave Repairs Omaha?

Microwaves—particularly high-end models—require specialized tools, parts and service to ensure optimal functionality and help avoid issues for years to come. From just a hundred dollars or less to as much as a thousand dollars or more, microwaves come in a wide range of prices with various features that answer all of your cooking and lifestyle comforts. Count on ServiceOne to handle your microwave repair Omaha needs with expert technicians and certified manufacturer parts and quickly put this inconvenience behind you. Our Home Warranty is only $595 a year and covers all of your heating & cooling, major appliance, plumbing, and electrical service needs inclusive of microwave diagnostics, repairs, and buy-outs so you never have to worry about the sudden costs of microwave repairs — or who will get it done.

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Common Microwave Problems

With every new generation, microwaves come with a growing range of features, technology, and options. At ServiceOne, we work with all types of microwaves and have a deep understanding of their parts and functions while offering same-day services and labor guarantees on all of our work.

Some of the most common microwave problems include:

  • Microwave not heating
  • Microwave stops abruptly
  • Microwave doesn’t stop automatically
  • Microwave buttons not working properly
  • Microwave plate not spinning
  • Microwave sparking on the inside during operation
  • Microwave door stuck
  • Microwave door not closing
  • Microwave has no power

Factory Authorization and Warranty Microwave Repairs Omaha

ServiceOne works with global microwave brands and provides the highest-quality parts, materials, and authorized services for all of your appliance needs. We provide factory authorized and warranty microwave repair and maintenance services on all microwave makes and models, including:

  • Toshiba
  • Sharp
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung (Must have a contract)