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At a certain point in your furnace's lifespan, it becomes more economical to perform furnace replacement as opposed to continuous upkeep and repairs. This is simply due to the fact that heating systems are subjected to a great deal of wear-and-tear, and a brand new furnace will not only require less maintenance but gets more energy-efficient with each successive generation. ServiceOne HVAC Omaha furnace technicians help you replace an old furnace with a state-of-the-art model from world-class manufacturers designed for the unique parameters of your home or business — ensuring optimal function, energy efficiency, and cost savings from day one.

We specialize in gas furnace and electric furnace installation and emergency furnace replacement along all sections of the heating system from the heater, boiler, and heat pumps to the gas lines, burners, exchangers, drains, controls and ductwork through gas-certified expertise that ensures complete heating system safety and compliance. Whether your current furnace is malfunctioning, has stopped working, or you would simply like an upgrade, our comfort experts will provide you with a full inspection and guidance on the most economical options available and if replacing your furnace is the most cost-friendly decision.

We’ve been providing heating and cooling in Omaha for over 30 years and partner with some of the business's biggest names, including Daikin, Goodman, and American Standard, to unite customer needs with cost-effective leaps in HVAC technology. When you choose ServiceOne for all of your heater replacement Omaha needs, you will experience superior workmanship, quality control, and a satisfaction guarantee that keeps your environment warm and the heating expenses to a minimum.

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ServiceOne partners with world-class HVAC manufacturer Daikin to deliver the patented Daikin FIT System to Omaha homes and businesses — raising their heating and cooling capabilities to the most advanced stage yet. The Daikin FIT System is a cutting-edge heating and cooling system offering impressive energy-efficiency, smart HVAC features, quiet operation, and compact size.

The Daikin FIT System raises the bar for energy efficiency — with up to 30% savings on energy costs thanks to variable-speed inverter technology and smart temperature sensors and controls. It is designed to disperse cold spots and prevent temperature fluctuations that cause inefficient energy use, while operating at an impressively quiet 56dB — almost twice as quiet as a traditional HVAC system. The Daikin FIT System’s compact side-discharge design is smaller than traditional HVAC systems and allows it to fit the comforts of your home or business effortlessly. Get in touch with ServiceOne to learn more about Daikin’s revolutionary FIT System and how it can help you reduce energy costs while enjoying the full benefits of advanced heating and cooling technology now.  

It may be time for a new furnace if:

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old 
  • Increased energy bills every winter year-over-year
  • The cost of furnace repairs are 50% or more of replacement costs
  • Your furnace requires regular maintenance and repairs
  • Your furnace is unable to keep indoor temperatures steady and comfortable
  • Your furnace makes a lot of strange or loud noises
  • Your furnace is releasing carbon monoxide
  • A ServiceOne technician recommends furnace replacement for any of the reasons above

Why Choose ServiceOne for Furnace Replacement Omaha?

ServiceOne has been the go-to heating and air Omaha provider for over 30 years and recently won the 2020 Sarpy County People’s Choice Award for Heating and Air Conditioning. Our BBB Accredited Business currently holds an A+ rating. We only staff in-house technicians who have passed a full background check and are fully licensed, bonded and insured gas-certified servicemen. ServiceOne also offers Furnace Financing on top-quality Daikin, Goodman, and American Standard heating systems and Heating and Cooling Protection Plans, as well as Home Warranty Plans designed to keep every appliance in your home in perfect condition at a fraction of the cost of standard maintenance and repairs. There’s a reason we’ve been Omaha’s most-trusted service company for over three decades, and we look forward to many more years of serving the community with the same reliable service and plenty of amazing new features.

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