Why Isn’t Home Automation DIY?

At ServiceOne, we are in love with our home automation system, ServiceOne Connect, for the Omaha metro area.

No more worrying about:

  • Did I leave the doors unlocked?
  • Is the garage door shut?
  • Did I leave the dog outside?
  • What are the kids doing after school?
  • ...or any of the other thousands of worries people tackle every day.

Home automation is peace of mind...simplifying and enhancing your family’s lifestyle.

And why, at ServiceOne, do we recommend that Home Automation Systems be installed by our ServiceOne professionals?

  • Because our techs are trained on plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. We know what we’re doing.
  • Because we stay updated / keep up-to-date on the technology trends and know what works best, at the best price, for your family.
  • Because you get to kick back and relax, while we do the “heavy lifting.”
  • Because it’s guaranteed to work - or we come back to fix it. You don’t need to mess with it yourself at all.
  • Because we provide the hardware, install it, and support it.
  • Because we can provide more information and guidance as to what you need for your system - and personalize it to your specifications.
  • Because installing home automation devices involves connecting systems in your home, leave it to professionals like ServiceOne. We don't want you to be injured or damage your systems by incorrectly installing devices.
  • Because we don’t just “stop” after the install. We have follow-up support for our home automation systems.
  • Because when ServiceOne installs your home automation components we make sure they all work together to achieve the results and peace of mind a smart home should provide.

We want to make sure that our clients, as homeowners, know instantly when something goes wrong in their homes, have the tools to act quickly, and be connected to real home service providers that can service these systems for them.

ServiceOne Connect's home automation eliminates these headaches.

If you need a professional home automation solution, we would love to hear from you.

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