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Why homeowners need home warranties

Nobody wants to buy a home that has been not taken care of over the years and needs significant attention. The solution is simply a home warranty service

Realtors want to ensure that their clients are going to love the home. One way that real estate agents can give homeowners that reassurance is by referring them ServiceOne’s home warranty service!

Whether homeowners are looking to sell their home or looking for help maintaining their home, a home warranty is a great investment.

What’s a home warranty service?

A home warranty is a service that covers your home’s appliances incase they’re in need of repairs. At ServiceOne we have a variety of home warranty options to suit a wide range of homeowner needs.

Our traditional home warranty maintains all the major appliances and systems in a home.

Home warranty coverage includes:

  • Furnace

  • Annual furnace maintenance

  • Air conditioner and Heat pump

  • Annual AC and Heat Pump Maintenance

  • Clothes dryer

  • Clothes washer

  • Microwave (built-in)

  • Range and exhaust fan

  • Refrigerator

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Home warranties help homes sell faster

If you’re looking to help sell your clients home more quickly, a home warranty service is your answer. Nothing catches the eye of a potential buyer more than this feature. In fact, the Service Contract Industry Council conducted a study where they found out that home with home warranties sold 16 percent faster.

Not only will these home sell faster, they’ll also sell for an average of $2,500 more! Potential buyers are willing to pay more for a house that will offer them the peace of mind.

Home warranties offer free listing options.

There’s also an option for home warranties where buyers can get a free listing option. For ServiceOne’s free listing option, the liability is reduced during the listing and after the sale. We provide the same coverage for both seller and buyer.

Home warranties allow realtors to focus on the sell.

Selling a home is the top priority for real estate agent. If they’re worried about an appliance not working or the heater not working, their focus will not be on selling the home. With a home warranty service, they won’t have to worry about maintenance and focus on finding the perfect buyer for the home.

Home warranties give homeowners a peace of mind.  

You want to give your client reassurance that their purchase was worth it. A home warranty will give the buyer no surprise! They’ll know their home is taken care when the times come to give a call a specialist to call they’ll know who to call.

If you’re a real estate agent or home owner, looking for a home warranty service, look no further. ServiceOne’s warranty plan is perfect for your home. We’re here to make home ownership a little less stressful.


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