Why Do You Need A Whole Home Generator For Midwestern Winters?

The winter months in Nebraska and Iowa are full of freezing cold weather and high-powered winds. At any moment, a combination of both can switch your electricity off for hours. It is important to keep you and your family safe during these times. This is why you need an automatic backup generator.

There are two types of generators a whole home backup generator and a portable generator. It is important to know the pros and cons of each one. For more information, please read our blog post, “What’s The Deal with Whole House Back-Up Generators?

What Is A Whole Home Backup Generator?

A Whole Home Backup Generator is a system that connects directly with your electrical system. Once the power goes off, the generator kicks on. Once the power is back on, the generator shuts itself off. It runs off the main gas line to your home, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit.

Can You Install A Whole Home Backup Generator Yourself?

You should never install a whole home backup generator on your own. This is because it corresponds with your house's gas line, and if done incorrectly, this can cause damage to the line itself.

Why Do You Need A Whole Home Backup Generator?  

  • A Whole Home Backup Generator Keeps Your Mind At Ease: When the electric is down and the heat is possible out in a bad winter storm, it is important to know the generator will be kicking on soon. This allows for you to worry less and make sure your family is okay.
  • A Whole Home Backup Generator Keeps Your Whole House Running Longer Than Portable: If you currently have a portable generator, it is okay, but maybe it is time to switch. This is because Whole House Generators last longer than portable generators.
  • A Whole Home Backup Generator Does The Work For You: With a portable generator, you’ll find yourself having to go out and refill it a few times at least. (If the power is out longer than a few hours). When it is snowy, icy, and intense winds outside the last place you want to be is out there, and having to refill your generator. A Whole House Backup Generator allows for you to stay inside and play board games with your family.
  • A Whole Home Backup Generator Keeps Power Going To Your Whole House: For most, when the power goes out, they are worried about heat and keeping the food cold. You won’t have to worry with a whole house backup generator. It allows for sub-pumps to run, electricity to come back on, and to keep you warm. It will also run your major appliances in your house.  

At Service One, we are a distributor for Generac generators. We can install and maintain your generator and fix any issues that may come-up. Let us keep the lights on for you! If you find yourself hesitant about getting a whole-house backup generator, read the FAQ’s on Generac’s site. These are the commonly asked questions by people who are just as hesitant as you may be.

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