When it’s time to contact the electrician

Whether it’s your home or your business, your electrical system is a very important asset! Electrical systems enable us to do so much on a daily basis. Whether it’s to watch TV, make dinner or even just see in the middle of the night, electrical systems make each one of our lives easier and more entertaining! 

With electrical systems comes potential danger. You probably remember growing up watching commercials about electrical safety with messages such as; “don’t put your fingers in the wall outlet.”Whether it’s faulty wiring or an overload of power outlets, electrical systems can lead to dangerous situations, including fires. That’s why calling a professional electrician Omaha is never a bad idea when things aren’t working like they’re supposed to. 

Signs to call a Professional Electrician

If your system fails

When older homes were built, they weren’t structured to support the modern electrical demands we currently have. This can lead to system shut downs, usually because it’s overloaded. When your system has to work harder than it can, it can lead to fuse blows and circuit breaker trips. If this consistently happening with your system, or your home is more than 20 years old, you may need to upgrade your system, and should contact a professional electrician sooner than later! 

Hot to the touch

Another sign to look for when determining electrical issues is your wall outlets being warm or hot when you touch it, or if it shocks you! Usually when outlets are warm or shock you, it means the outlet is being overworked, or overloaded. It could also indicate that there is an issue with the internal wiring. Either way, it’s a safe bet to call the electrician and get it looked at!

Also, if your outlets are rusted or have moisture around then, make sure to have a professional check that out as well. Moisture and electricity do not mix well, and this can put your home and your family at risk. 


If you are doing a remodeling project, it’s smart to contact an electrician to come check it out beforehand. Messing up your electrical system during renovations can cause nightmares to your project. Also, if you are installing new outlets or a new ceiling fan, it’s a very smart idea to call a professional instead of doing it yourself. Our professional Electrician Omaha are certified and knowledgeable, and will ensure your electrical system is safe and family friendly. 

Lights flickering or dimming

Lastly, do you ever notice your lights flicker or dim when appliances such as your air conditioning or refrigeration is in use? If so, you’ll want to contact an electrician immediately. This is more than likely happening because these appliances draw a large current, which need to be wired on dedicated circuits. Our professional electrician Omaha will know what to do when you call!  

When electrical issues happen in your home, ServiceOne is here to help. Our team of professional electricians can handle any problem, and make sure you, your family and your home are safe. To learn more about our electrical services, visit our website!

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