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What electricians want you to know

Winter doesn’t just bring snow storms, but also significant dangers for your home. During December and January is when most house fires happen. An electrical problem causes more than 50 percent of these house fires. These types of fires are more likely to occur because people are in their homes more due to the colder temperatures. When people are at home, they’re using appliances, lights, outlets and more. If your home is an older, it might not be up to date with codes that prevent these fires from occurring. It’s important to know when you need to call an electrician in Omaha for inspection.

How do house fires occur?

Many people think that a house fire will never happen to them. However, electrical house fires occur more than you’d expect. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, six percent of 24,000 fires are from electrical fires. It’s important to learn the dangers electrical systems can cause if they are not handled on time, and by an expert. These fires can arise from many things like an old appliance to a lamp.


Lamps can be the cause of many electrical fires. Fires can occur when light bulb wattage is too high. It’s recommended homeowners always purchase and use the bulbs with the proper wattage for lamps in their home because every lamp or light fixture has a specific capacity. Also, avoid covering up lamps with fabric or paper. These materials will catch on fire from the heat of the light bulbs.

Damaged appliances

It’s critically important to replace appliances with broken outlets. These appliances are more likely to cause fires. An appliance that is older than ten years should be replaced with newer and safer appliances. Fires occur by faults in cords, receptacles and switches.

Electrical wiring

Homes that are older than 25 years should have an electrician come check to ensure electrical wiring is correct. If your wires are out of date, they will increase the electricity flow into your appliances, TVs and light fixtures. All this extra electricity flow will cause an electrical overload.

When to call a professional

The most secure way to prevent electrical fires from occurring is by calling an electrical expert. Many electricians in the Omaha area will get to the source of your problems; whether an electrical outlet doesn’t work or your lights don’t turn on. These experts know the proper codes to ensure the problems are solved safely. If you experience one of these problems, it’s time to contact an electrician in Omaha:  

  • If any lights in your home start to lights flicker out of nowhere.

  • Your home is older than 25 years old.

  • If you notice your switches start to shock you every time you turn them on or off.

  • If your lights never seem to turn on even when you change light bulbs.

It is important to remember that electrical fires are preventable. All you need to do is take the proper steps to identify the problem. Keep your eyes sharp and look for any unusual activity occurring with your electrical. If something is not working properly be sure to call us. At ServiceOne, our team licensed, bonded and insured. They are capable of handling any situation or helping with remodeling projects.


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