UPDATED: What Causes Low Water Pressure In Your Kitchen Sink?

Homeowners use their kitchen sinks pretty much every day. Because of how often we use our sinks in our homes, it is essential that they are working properly all the time. However, many things can go wrong when it comes to your kitchen’s plumbing. Whether it’s the result of pipe leaks, clogs or anything else, a plumbing disaster can happen in the blink of an eye. 

Another common issue homeowners experience, although not as severe, is low water pressure in their kitchen sink. Low water pressure may not seem like a big deal right away, but can be a sign that there is a bigger plumbing issue at hand. At ServiceOne, we are your Omaha plumbing company! Our Omaha plumbers can perform maintenance and make repairs on your home’s entire plumbing system. Below, we go over the main causes of low water pressure in your kitchen sink.

What causes low water pressure in your kitchen sink?

Clogged cartridge

Sink faucets contain cartridges that can often get clogged or blocked. The cartridge controls the water flow out of your faucet, and any blockage can end up causing low water pressure in your home’s sinks. You can either fix this problem by yourself or you can choose to utilize professional plumbing services Omaha to get this issue fixed!

Leaking pipes

If you notice low water pressure in your kitchen sinks, a leaky pipe or pipes could be to blame. A leak in a plumbing pipe can not only create lower water pressure in your sinks and showers, but it can also lead to bigger plumbing issues down the road. It’s smart to get any leaky pipes fixed as soon as possible to avoid a plumbing disaster later on.

Clogged aerator

A clogged aerator is another common cause make your kitchen sink water pressure low. The aerator is the little screen at the end of the faucet that breaks up the water into small droplets. Over time, this can become clogged with minerals, soap scum and other debris, ultimately impacting your sink’s water pressure. By cleaning this out regularly, you will notice better water pressure and cleaner water coming out of your kitchen sink!

Pressure-reducing valve issues

Lastly, low water pressure in your home could be a result of a damaged or faulty pressure-reducing valve. Your home’s pressure valve is responsible for regulating the water pressure throughout your entire home. When you run into issues with this, or your pressure valve becomes damaged, it can lead to reduced water pressure. Luckily, this can be repaired by a professional plumber! If you run into an issue with your home’s pressure-reducing valve, give our Omaha plumbers a call, and we will get it fixed in no time!

Water pressure is not the first thing that comes to mind when homeowners think of a plumbing problem. However, reduced water pressure in your home’s sinks and showers is often a result of a bigger problem at hand. Being proactive about low water pressure in your home can help reduce more serious plumbing issues from happening later down the road!

If you notice that your kitchen sink water pressure is low in your home and are unsure what is causing it, our professional Omaha plumbers can help! We offer quality and professional Omaha plumbing services that homeowners can trust! Give our team a call today!

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