Ways to help assist your AC

As we finally reach the last week of July, it’s safe to say that we are moving into the hottest days of the year. In Nebraska and Iowa, temperatures can reach up to the 100’s, which can make your air conditioner work extremely hard. In our area, most air conditioners are sized for a designed temperature at 92degrees. Oversizing your home’s air conditioning will greatly increase your home’s energy usage as well as your energy bills. 

At ServiceOne, our AC Service Omaha professionals work hard to help keep your home comfortable all year long.  Maintaining high energy efficiency is important during this time of the year, we came up with some simple energy saving solutions to help ease the workload of your AC unit!

Turn your thermostat up

It may seem strange, but during warm weather, your air conditioner will operate much more efficiently when you turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Turning your thermostat up to 75-76 degrees will help reduce the workload of your HVAC system, while continuing to keep your home feeling comfortable and cool.

Clean around your outdoor condenser unit

Your HVAC unit will work most efficiently when the outdoor unit is clean and clear of all debris. Oftentimes, grass, dirt and other debris can find their way into your AC’s condenser coils. By removing and cleaning this debris away from your unit, you will be able to lower your energy costs!

Close off unused rooms

To circulate air throughout your home, keeping doors open is a good idea. However, this will cause your air conditioner to work much harder than it needs to. That’s why it’s smart to close doors to all the unused rooms to help keep your air conditioner working efficiently!

Replace old air filters

Your HVAC system’s air filters play a huge role in the efficiency of your system. That is why it’s important that homeowners are checking and replacing their air filters regularly. This usually needs to be done every couple of months, and it will help increase your home’s air flow as well as better the air quality in your home. 

Reduce internal heat gains

Another way you can help ease the workload of your air conditioner is by reducing heat that is making your inside air warmer. Showers, your dryer and your oven all produce heat, which can significantly increase the temperature of your home. Taking shorter showers and reducing the use of appliances that produce heat will help take some of that workload off your air conditioner. 

Keep your vents open

Lastly, a great way to help your air conditioner out is by keeping your air vents open and uncovered. Open vents allow for much more air circulation, and allows your system to operate without overusing energy!

As the summer heat stays around these next few months, keep these tips in mind to help lower your home’s energy usage. Not only will these simple solutions help keep your home feeling cool and comfortable, but they will help your system run much more efficiently, and lower your energy costs!

ServiceOne is one of the best AC Service Omaha has to offer. If you run into any unexpected problems regarding your HVAC system, do not hesitate to call one of our AC service Omaha professionals!

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