Top 6 Reasons Why Businesses Can Benefit From Building Automation

We’ve written a few blog posts now about the benefits of home automation, why home automation isn’t a DIY project, and how home automation can remove many of the “headaches” from home ownership. But what about businesses? Can they also benefit from automating their notifications for their plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems? The answer, of course, is a resounding YES!

Business Building Automation Gives The Business Owner Remote Access & Control

You can check in on the office from your smartphone or your computer while you’re away.

Business Building Automation Gives The Business Owner Custom Air Solutions

With a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature around when you and your team are generally in the office. And, you have the option to lock the thermostat so no one can pull a power play in the office by turning the temp down or up too much. Great for those thermostat disputes! Another solution by automating this is that you’ll get alerts of extreme temperature changes in the office. If the AC goes out over a 100-degree weekend, you won’t have to wait until you walk into a sweltering office on Monday morning, you can have a tech out to fix it as soon as you get the alert!

Business Building Automation Gives The Business Owner Custom Plumbing Solutions

With water sensors in your building, you can quickly be notified if there is a plumbing issue that comes up. In addition, you can shut off the water supply from anywhere, at any time - right from your phone!

Business Building Automation Gives The Business Owner Custom Energy Solutions

Do you have a team member who likes to work late, but always forgets to turn off the lights? These custom energy solutions on the ServiceOne Connect app gives you the option of turning the lights off right from your smartphone.

Business Building Automation Gives The Business Owner Custom Access Solutions

With smart door locks and door/window sensors, the business owner can be notified immediately if someone accesses the office. You can also use custom keycodes for personnel to see when they are entering/leaving the building. If your business gets a lot of deliveries, you can also use custom key codes for delivery men (or other service professionals) to be able to drop off deliveries.

Business Building Automation Gives The Business Owner Custom Awareness Solutions

Video cameras allow you to see what’s going on in your business when you’re not there. Check in on your team, make sure there are no major safety issues going on, double-check that the package you were waiting on has been delivered, and be notified immediately of any suspicious activity going on! With after-hours image sensors, you can be alerted if the sensors detect motion and have an image sent to your phone instantly for viewing.


At ServiceOne, we’ve partnered with Building 36 to provide ServiceOne Connect,  top-of-the-line home and business automation services in Omaha and Dubuque.  For more information about home and business automation in Omaha or Dubuque, contact us today!

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