The Low-Down On Residential Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems - Part 1

Is it possible to have a residential heating and cooling system that effectively and efficiently heats or cools your home to comfortable temperatures, while also reducing your utility costs, and while preserving the environment? The answer is… YES!

Governmental agencies like the EPA and the Department of Energy, consumer and industry groups, and geothermal system owners all agree: Geothermal heating and cooling is considered the world’s greenest and most energy-efficient.

Residential geothermal systems offer a smart alternative for the replacement of older or inefficient equipment. Most units are simple to install and can be installed in areas unsuitable for fossil fuel furnaces. There is no combustion or need to vent exhaust gasses which means our equipment can be installed virtually anywhere.  

Goethermal systems can save you up to 70% on your heating, cooling, and hot water costs. State, local, and utility sources in your area may also offer additional incentives. Each year, U.S. homeowners install approximately 50,000 more geothermal heat pumps than the year before. The trend is growing!

What Is Geothermal Energy?

Did you know there is a dependable source of temperature that can put to good use, just a few feet under the earth’s surface? How is that possible?

Heat from the earth, called geothermal energy, is another clean and sustainable source of power. Geothermal energy is nothing more than the internal heat that is contained in the rock and fluids beneath the earth’s crust. The Earth’s core is about 4,000 miles (6,437 km) beneath the surface and is possibly over 7,200 degrees F (3,982 C). Super-hot gas and molten rock in the core produce the earth’s inner heat. Closer to the surface, the temperature cools way down, but is still hot enough to power the world. And most of this heat is constantly being replenished, unlike oil.

Our ancient ancestors knew about the earth’s heat. They heated their dwellings, cooked their food, and even got a warm bath without a water heater. Today, scientists estimate that given what we now know about the amount of geothermal energy in the earth’s crust, about 1% of that energy amounts to 500 times what exists in all the oil and gas resources on the planet. And we are just starting to tap this incredible energy resource. There is a research project at the end of this article that challenges students to find and write about the four types of geologic formations that have potentially extractable geothermal energy.

Especially in the Midwest, the temperatures throughout the year vary. We get blazing hot summers and frigid winters (sometimes on back-to-back days!). What many don’t realize is that the temperature below the ground stays fairly steady throughout the year, no matter what the weather above is doing. Generally speaking, the temperature just a few feet below the Earth’s surface stays at an average 55-70 degrees year-round.

How Do Residential Geothermal Systems Work?

During the winter, geothermal systems absorb heat stored in the ground through the water that circulates in its underground loop. This heat is carried to the ground source heat pumps where it’s concentrated and then sent as warm, comfortable air throughout your home.

During the summer, geothermal systems absorb heat from your home and transfers it to the underground loop where it is then absorbed by the cooler earth. The geothermal heat pump uses the cool water returning from the ground to create cool, dehumidified air conditioning for your home.

Next week, we’ll be taking a look at the many benefits of Residential Geothermal Systems and why now is the right time to invest in one for your home!


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