The Benefits Of Having Your Furnace Inspected Before Winter

During winter in the Midwest, you never know what you are going to get! One day can be 20 degrees with a chance of snow, and the next day can be sunny and 40! As homeowners looking to take care of their homes, it can be challenging to take into account all of the possibilities that Mother Nature will throw at us. 

One thing that all homeowners can agree on is that there’s nothing worse than your furnace going out during the coldest times of the year. That is why many furnace technicians and professionals recommend that homeowners get their furnace inspected before the end of fall!

At ServiceOne, we offer professional Omaha furnace service. Our experienced HVAC technicians have inspected and made repairs on a number of home furnace systems, and know how important doing so is! In this post, we explain the benefits of having your furnace inspected before the winter season arrives. 

Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide

One of the most frightening things that can occur during the winter is carbon monoxide poisoning from your furnace. Carbon monoxide is silent and deadly. It is odorless and invisible, so it’s not easy to spot without a carbon monoxide detector. If your furnace is not kept up to date and checked, it could produce a leak and cause carbon monoxide to fill the air in your home. Leaks are normally caused by a cracked heat exchanger. A HVAC specialist will be able to replace it or find the source of where the leak is coming from. Keeping your family safe is your number one priority so hiring a professional Omaha furnace service provider could end up saving your life!

Helps maintain energy efficiency

When a furnace technician comes out to service your furnace system, they will be making sure it’s operating properly and efficiently! When homeowners neglect to get their furnace system inspected, they may end up with higher energy bills without even realizing there was an efficiency issue. A furnace tech will make any needed repairs and ensure that your system is running as it should all winter long!

Improved performance

Along the lines of energy efficiency, having your furnace inspected will also help improve the performance of your system. Over time, dirt, dust and other debris often contaminate your furnace, and can lead to damages and failures. During a furnace inspection, your furnace tech will clean all the necessary elements of your furnace system to ensure it’s working properly and providing your home with clean, warm air!

Saves you money 

Lastly, an annual furnace inspection can end up saving you so much money on potential costly repairs. Professional furnace technicians will be able to point out potential problems as well as help reduce your heating bills!

As we progress through fall, it’s important that all homeowners are preparing their homes for the winter months ahead. Be sure to get your furnace inspected before it’s too late!

At ServiceOne, we offer top quality Omaha furnace service. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians have helped many homeowners resolve their issues. If you have any questions about our home services, or would like to schedule a furnace inspection appointment, please visit our website!

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