Sump pumps in Omaha struggle to keep up

The rainfall in Omaha on Monday, August 20th was certainly one for the record books! The total for the day across the metro varied, but Eppley Airfield ended up at 6.16 inches.

Street flooding became a major issue, as did destroyed landscaping and flooded basements.

Did your sump pump have a hard time keeping up with the unexpected water levels? Is your sump pump still running?

After a heavy rainfall, it’s not unusual for your sump pump to run longer than usual. However, many homeowners are unsure of how a sump pump works and how it can prevent flooding in the future.

What exactly is a sump pump?

This device is a pump with a floating switch activation system placed inside a hole in your basement floor (sump pit).  The switch remains in the lowered position until water levels rise, signaling the pump to activate.

When the pump is activated, it drains the water until it is lowered back to its initial position, thereby turning the pump back to its off position.

There are two types of sump pumps. Submersible, found at the bottom of a basement floor pit. And pedestal, where the motor is near the sump pit above the floor.

Why do you need a sump pump?

In flat areas, water build-up around and within a home is much greater than a home on a slope. When soil is already wet, or there is a torrential rainstorm like the Omaha area experienced on Monday, water cannot drain quickly.

As water builds up around a home’s foundation, the water pressure will begin pushing through the floors and walls. A sump pump helps alleviate that pressure. When such pressure is not released, water pressure will keep increasing and flooding takes over.

What size sump pump do I need?

If a sump pumps capacity is not large enough for your home, you still run the risk of your home flooding.

To determine the size of pump your home needs, first look to see if you already have a pump that need replacing. If you’re unable to read the sizing label or you are buying the initial pump for your home, a ½ HP pump is the most common.

When needing a sump pump that runs for a shorter period of time and removes water quicker, select a model that offers more power. However, confirming your home has sufficient power for the job is extremely important, as is the water discharge pipe.

If you’re sump pump couldn’t keep up with this weeks rainfall, get in touch with us! We have years of experience in sump pump repair and installation. While we don’t anticipate another rainfall anytime soon like we did on Monday, we encourage always being prepared!

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