UPDATED: Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

As we move through spring, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning your home and preparing your air conditioning system for the warmer months. Spring is also one of the best times of the year to perform maintenance on your home’s plumbing system! Performing regular maintenance on your home’s plumbing is one of the best ways to decrease the risk of serious damage and prevent any costly repairs. 

At ServiceOne, our professional Omaha plumbers can handle any problem thrown their way! Below, we go over some things to add to your spring plumbing maintenance checklist!

Check for pipe leaks

The number one indicator that there is an issue within your plumbing system is when you realize one or more of your pipes have begun leaking. Start by checking all of your faucets, and make sure that there is no water coming out when the faucets are shut off. Next, check the pipework underneath your sinks to ensure there is no water leaking from below. If you end up finding a leak, make sure to call a ServiceOne plumber right away before the problem gets worse!

Check for toilet leaks

Another thing homeowners should do is check their toilets for leaks. If you notice there is a leak or that your toilet seems to constantly be running, it’s a good indicator that there is an issue somewhere within your plumbing system. You should try to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

Evaluate your water pressure

Water pressure is a great way homeowners can tell if their plumbing system is working properly. If you are in the shower or doing the dishes and notice that your water pressure is lower than it should be, call a plumber right away! Low water pressure is a great indicator that there is a bigger issue at hand!

Evaluate your sump pump

Another important thing to do during the spring is to ensure your sump pump is working properly. Sump pumps play a crucial role in draining water caused by flooding. As common as flooding is in the Midwest, it’s vital that homeowners are testing their sump pump at least once a year. To do so, pour up to five gallons of water into your sump pump area, and see if it’s turning on and working as it should. It’s also smart to check the outside of your sump pump to ensure that there is no rusting or corrosion taking place. 

Drain your water heater

Lastly, it’s a good idea to drain a few gallons of water from your water heater. Doing this will help remove some of the sediment that may have accumulated in your tank over the past year. By draining water and removing this sediment, you will help improve the efficiency of your water heater as well as prolong its life! 

Spring is a great time of year to perform home maintenance around your home, including your plumbing system! As you get your home ready for summer, keep these spring plumbing maintenance tips in mind!

At ServiceOne, our professional Omaha plumbers can handle any plumbing problems thrown their way. Whenever you are in need of quality professional Omaha plumbers, give our team a call!

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