10/3/2018 6:00 AM

Signs your stove needs a repair

Your stove has been by your side through every meal and holiday party. You want to keep it by your side for as long as possible. It is important to ensure you can give your stove the repair needs before it totally breaks down. This will save you money and the hassle of having to go purchase a new stove and wait for installation.

Here are a few signs you might need an appliance repair for your stove.

The growth of rust.  

If you happen to notice the rust stain on your burner is getting bigger each day, it might be time for arepai. The rust on your stove is dangerous for your health. Rust encourages the growth of a bacteria that causes tetanus.

Burners won’t turn on.

Did you happen to notice one morning one of your burners did not turn? A burner not turning on is a sign something internally needs replacing. A gas stove might need its ignitor replaced. While on the other hand an electrical stove may have a problem with the heating element.

Your food cooks unevenly.

Last thing you want this holiday baking season is for your meals and treats to be burned on the bottom and the top still be raw. If you food is cooked uneven this could be a major sign you stove’s oven needs a repair. Your ovens baking element could be something to do with temperature sensor.

You smell gas escaping.

When you first ignite your gas stove to turn, you typically smell gas coming from the range. However, this is not normal  if you have a constant smell of gas coming from your range when you are not cooking. Make sure to open windows and call your gas provider.

The glass top is starting to crack.

If you have a glass top stove and you notice a crack on it, it might be time to call for an appliance repair. A crack on a glass stove can lead towards a dangerous path. A crack could cause an electrical shock.

You smell and see smoke.   

Smoke itself is never a good sign. If smoke is coming out of your stove whenever you are cooking, it could be a sign you need an appliance repair.

All these problems listed above could be signs your stove needs a repair. Keep one of your most used appliance, your stove, working at top speed. The smell of smoke might not be your food or the uneven cooking might not be your doing either. Remember an appliance repair is just a call away.


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