Signs your appliances need repaired: Laundry room

It might not be something we think about often, but maintaining your appliances is important as a homeowner. Home appliances such as a washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven or refrigerator makes life a lot more convenient and easy. 

Because of how convenient these appliances are , no one enjoys when they break down, which usually calls for either a repair or a brand new unit. For this reason, it is important that your are being aware of your appliances, maintaining them properly and keeping an eye out for any potential problems. 

Here are signs you as a homeowner can be looking for to see if your laundry room appliances needs to be  serviced or repaired. 

Washing Machine

Unusual Noises 

 If your washer is making unusual noises, this could indicate that the unit is off balanced, but could also mean that your drum or motor mount could be loose. 

Drum isn’t filling up with water 

There are many problems that could exist  if water isn’t filling up the drum of your unit, a clogged filter or a water intake valve may be the reason for this. This could also mean there is a kink in your hose or a delayed cycle selection issue.  

Drum isn’t turning 

 If your drum isn’t turning when the unit is on, there may be a problem with either the belt or the lid switch, which either would need to be replaced. 

Water isn’t draining from the drum

After a load in the washer, there should never be water sitting in your drum. This could be because of a drain hose clog, or issues with the units pump. You can check if any articles of clothing are blocking the pump, but will probably want to contact an appliance repair Dubuque professional if you can’t identify the problem. 


If your washing machine starts leaking, first try to see where the leak is coming from. Be  sure the hoses are installed tightly and there are no cracks that water could leak out of. A leak could potentially mean there is a crack in the tub of the machine, which is a more serious issue. 


Drum Won’t Turn 

If the drum in your dryer does not turn when the unit is turned on, this means that more than likely your belt is either damaged or worn. 

Clothes are too hot

If you take a load out of the dryer, and your clothes or unit are noticeably too hot, there is most likely  a ventilation problem. This means that there isn’t enough cool air, and it could run up your energy bill, as well as cause other elements of your unit such as your blower and coils to overwork. 

Unusual Noises

Depending on what’s in the load, your dryer can make some weird noises sometimes. However, you should be able to differentiate unusual sounds, especially if they are constantly happening. Depending on the sound, this could mean there is a problem with the belt or motor bearings. If you can’t figure out what is causing the sounds, contact  an appliance repair Dubuque professional. 

Clothes aren’t drying completely

If you’re doing full drying cycles and your clothes are still not getting dry, there are a number of reasons for this. First, there may be a build up of lint, which can be very hazardous. There could also be an electrical issue; a broken sensor or a broken belt, which a professional would need to come and take a look at. 

Your laundry room is a great asset to your  home. Everyone uses a washer and dryer in their life, and maintaining them to work  efficiently for a long time in very important! If you are noticing any of these signs, or anything else unusual about your laundry room appliances, contact an appliance repair dubuque professional right away! 

At ServiceOne, we are experts when it comes to appliance repairs! Contact us today with any questions regarding your home appliances! 

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