Seven simple solutons to help assist your AC

As we get farther into the dog days of summer, the temperatures outside are heating up all over the country. In Omaha, most air conditioners are sized for a designed temperature of 92-degrees. AC service Omaha HVAC contractors size your home based on the temperature outside 99% of the year, and oversizing will lead to a much higher energy bill than you need or want!

Since maintaining the efficiency is important this time of year, we came up with seven simple solutions you can use to assist your air conditioner and maintain indoor comfort throughout the end of summer! 

1. Turn thermostat up

It may seem silly to turn your thermostat up during the summer, however, temperatures indoors feel cooler on hot days. Turning your thermostat up a couple degrees, to the 76-78 degree range, will help reduce some of your air conditioner’s workload, while still keeping you feeling cool inside. 

2. Close off unused rooms 

Having your doors open is great for airflow, but if you aren’t in a certain room it doesn’t necessarily need to be getting cold air. Closing the doors of rooms you aren’t in or using can help make the other rooms in which you are using more cool without harming your air conditioner. 

3. Close curtains on windows facing the sun

Closing curtains or blinds is another way to keep your home feeling more cool during the summer. This will help eliminate any sunlight from shining into your home and warming up the air. Most blinds and curtains are going to do a pretty good job of this, but if you were wanting something better, thermal curtains are designed for this exact purpose. 

4. Check and replace dirty air filters

Replacing dirty air filters with new ones benefits your home in more ways than one. Not only will this help increase the airflow of your home, but will help your HVAC system run a lot more efficiently. Not to mention that changing your air filter will also improve the air quality in your home! Definitely check your air filter out if home is feeling a bit warmer than usual!

5. Maintain airflow

To maintain airflow in your home, try turning your thermostat to ON instead of AUTO. When your thermostat is set to AUTO, the fan cycles on and off periodically, which is more energy efficient and offers better humidity control. On the other hand, when your thermostat is set to ON, the fan is always running which improves air filtration and circulation, and inevitably makes your air feel cooler. 

6. Reduce internal heat gains

Showers, drying clothes, and cooking on the stovetop or oven are all internal heat gains that will make your indoor air warmer. Taking shorter showers, or reducing your dryer and kitchen appliance use will help keep the air in your home cool, especially during hot temperatures. 

7. Only use exhaust fans when necessary 

Lastly, only use exhaust fans when necessary. Exhaust fans are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, and they actually pull cool air out of your home. Limiting the amount of time you use these will help keep that cold air in! 

If you have any questions regarding your air conditioning, or if it isn’t working properly, contact an AC service Omaha right away! 

Here are ServiceOne, we are experts when it comes to HVAC questions, problems, and repairs. We are the best AC service Omaha has to offer. Contact us today with any questions, or visit our website to learn more about our other services!

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