Preparing Your Home For Summer Vacation

The summer months have been flying by, and before we know it, the fall will be here! With back-to-school season just around the corner, many homeowners will be taking summer vacations over the next month or so. When preparing for your upcoming vacation, it’s important that you are not only preparing yourself and your family but your home as well. 

Prepping your home before a vacation can save you from the unpleasant surprise of returning home to problems with your home’s systems or appliances. Below, we go over some ways all homeowners can prepare their homes for a vacation. 

Prepare your AC

When leaving your home for an extended period of time, it’s important that you take measures to prepare your air conditioning system beforehand. There is nothing worse than coming home to an AC breakdown after a long vacation. One thing that will prepare your air conditioner for a vacation is replacing your HVAC air filter. This will help your AC work much more efficiently while you’re gone, and it reduces the amount of stress you put on your system.

Another thing you should remember to do is adjust your thermostat! While you’re away, it doesn’t make sense to keep your thermostat set to your normal temperature. This will cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to, and it will add unneeded costs to your monthly energy bill. 

Having a smart thermostat makes this easier, as you are able to remotely control the temperature of your home. With a smart thermostat, you are able to change the temperature back to its normal setting before arriving back from your vacation, so your home is cool when you get back!

Appliance protection

Before leaving, make sure all your appliances are in good working condition. If you've been delaying any necessary repairs, now is the time to get them fixed. An ignored, small issue can escalate into a significant problem over time. Turn off and unplug all non-essential appliances to protect them from power surges and save on energy costs.

Your refrigerator needs special consideration. If you're going to be away for an extended period, consider emptying, defrosting and cleaning it to prevent mold and unpleasant smells. 

Prevent water damage

Another thing to consider is shutting off your home’s water supply. If you are concerned that your plumbing will go bad or are worried that leaking pipes will damage your home, turning off your home’s water is a viable option!

As you head out into your summer vacations these next couple of months, it’s important that you are taking time to prepare your home appliances and systems. Keep these things in mind!

Air conditioning repair services

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