How to protect your home during storm season

Summer is here, which means storm season is too. Severe weather is likely, especially in the Midwest. Is your home prepared for the upcoming storms? It’s important as homeowners to take proper precautions to ensure your home and family are safe during times of severe weather. Whether it’s flooding, tornadoes or hail, preparing now can help prevent bigger problems from happening in the future. 

ServiceOne are the experts when it comes to home safety and preparing your home for the storm season. Here are some tips from the experts to help you prepare your home for heavy rain and other storms in the upcoming months. 

Create a plan

Building a plan will help ensure you and your family are safe when the storm hits.. The Storm and Damage Center states it is necessary for you to create a family plan. Start by finding a safe area where the whole family can meet if you are separated. Do not just share this with the family members in your home, tell out-of-state relatives. That way if they need to reach out, they know where to locate you.

Learn what to do and avoid for each storm

Severe thunderstorms

The Midwest is known to have severe thunderstorms each year. Here’s what to do in the case of a thunderstorm. 

  • Take shelter immediately in a location away from windows.

  • Avoid going outdoors because you could get struck by lightning.

  • Avoid using any electrical devices like telephones.

  • Use battery-powered TVs and radios.

  • Do not take a bath, shower and avoid using plumbing.

  • If you are driving, pull over and let the storm pass. Avoid touching any metal surfaces.


Tornadoes make their way through the Midwest every summer. When there is a tornado in your area, it’s important to take proper precautions. Here’s what to do when a tornado is in your area. 

  • Choose a location on the lowest floor of your home with no windows like a basement, storm cellar or interior room.

  • If you live in a mobile home, find a sturdy building!

  • Watch for tornado signs. Look for dark, greenish clouds and wall clouds.

  • If you are outside, find shelter and stay away from bridges and highway overpasses.


With heavy rains comes a possibility of flooding. Last year, Nebraska and Iowa experienced devastating flooding that affected many. Here’s what to do during a flood. 

  • Turn off water and electricity until officials say it is safe.

  • Boil all water until officials say it is safe to drink.

  • Do not use gas or electrical appliances that have been flooded.

  • Do not consume food that has come in contact with floodwater.

Other precautions to take

Have your sump pump inspected

To prepare your home for heavy rain, you should get your home’s sump pump inspected. Have a plumbing professional come in and inspect that your sump pump is working properly and that it will keep water from making its way into your home.

Prepare for electrical outages

You never know if a storm will take out power from your home. You should be prepared for power outages by having flashlights, battery-powered radios and batteries. Candles and matches should also be on your list. There are also generators that will keep your home powered in case of an emergency. From diesel, natural gas or liquid propane generators, ServiceOne has you covered! 

Protect your outdoor A/C unit

When there is a storm with high and heavy winds, it could be a problem for your home’s air conditioning. One way you can prevent this is by covering your outdoor A/C unit. Remember to remove the cover of the unit when the storm passes. If the storm is significant enough, it’s smart to get your unit inspected by an HVAC specialist to ensure that it’s not damaged and will continue to work efficiently. 

Storms can be dangerous, and cause plenty of damage to your home. That’s why now is the time that all homeowners should prepare for heavy rain and severe storms. 

Our team of qualified professionals does whatever it takes to ensure the safety of all of our clients. We have been a trusted home service provider for over 25 years in the Omaha, Neb and Dubuque, Iowa areas. Visit our website today to learn more about our services and products, and how ServiceOne can help.

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