How to Prepare Your Home for Summer Vacation

It’s officially August; the summer months have flown by! As school will begin shortly, and we inch closer to Labor Day weekend, many families may be taking one last vacation for the summer. While on vacation, it’s important that your home is staying safe!

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In this post, we provide a home checklist before going on vacation!

How to prepare your home for vacation

Summer vacations are very exciting, but it’s important that you are taking these steps to help make sure nothing goes wrong at home while you’re gone!

Replace your HVAC filter

One thing that you should do before leaving for a vacation, as well as other times throughout the year is replace your HVAC filter. Although it seems a little odd to replace this right before you leave your home for a period of time, it’s actually quite beneficial. By replacing your air filter, you will help your HVAC system become more efficient and improve your air filtration. You will come home to clean air and also help ease some of the workload of your HVAC system at the same time!

Adjust your thermostat

Another thing to remember to do is to adjust your thermostat! While you’re away, it doesn’t make sense to keep your thermostat set to your normal temperature. This will cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to, as well as add unneeded costs to your monthly energy bill. 

Having a smart thermostat makes this easier, as you are able to remotely control the temperature of your home. With a smart thermostat, you are able to change the temperature back to its normal setting before arriving back from your vacation so your home is cool when you get back!

Prevent water damage

Another thing to consider doing is shutting off your home’s water supply. If you are concerned that your plumbing will go bad, or are worried that leaking pipes will damage your home, then turning off your home’s water is a viable option!

Unplug appliances

Lastly, to protect your home while on vacation consider unplugging some of your appliances. There are appliances like refrigerators and freezers that you won’t want to unplug, but rather, try unplugging things like coffee makers, televisions, lamps and other smaller appliances before heading out. This will both reduce the chances of electrical fires as well as reduce your monthly electricity bill. 

It’s also important that you make sure your smoke alarms are working properly before you leave. By doing so, a house sitter or neighbor may be able to detect such an event of a fire, and be able to take proper action right away. 

Whether you are going to be gone for the weekend, or taking a longer vacation, it’s important that you keep the safety of your home in mind. Use this home checklist before going on vacation!

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