How to prepare your home for fall

At the first sign of slightly cooler weather, Midwesterns’ excitement grows because fall is blooming on the horizon. Slowly the days of blistering heat will fade away, and days of colorful leaves, football games and pumpkin flavored everything will take over. But before you can bask in the sweater weather, you should take time to prepare your home for the cooler days and nights.

Here are eight ways to prepare your home for fall.

Clean the gutters.

As leaves start to fall, gutters start to clog, which can be dangerous for your home. Grab your latter and a yard waste bag and clear the gutters before water damages your home.

Have your roof inspected.

Summer thunderstorms can wreck your roof, and trust us, it’s better to find out it needs to be repaired in the fall than in the winter when melted snow is leaking in. If your home withstood a hailstorm over the last few months, having your roof inspected is extremely important to make sure everything is okay.

Check the fireplace and gather some logs.

Everyone loves gathering around a crackling fire as the weather turns cool, so make sure your fireplace is ready for just that. Inspect the chimney to make sure it is clear and ready to go. No one wants smoke funneling back through their living room and setting off the fire alarm.

Bring potted plants inside.

Rather than having to replant everything in the spring, bring potted plants inside to maintain a cozy, lively vibe even in the middle of winter. It’s important to do this before the first frost, so keep an eye on the weather and make sure everything is in a safe, dry indoor location before the weather drops below freezing.

Turn off your sprinklers and exterior faucets.

Before the first snow storm, you want to ensure that your irrigation system is checked and drained to prevent any freezing and line breaks. Make sure you remove sprinkler heads near the driveway so they aren’t damaged during the snow removal process.

Check for drafts.

Look around doors and windows for anywhere that hot air can escape or cold air can creep in. There are a number of ways to seal drafty areas to prevent this from happening, and trust us, your electricity bill will appreciate it.

Check your heating system.

No one wants to be left shivering under blankets on the first truly cold night because their heat doesn’t work properly. Make sure your heater is in prime condition before that happens, and if you do experience any problems, ServiceOne will help you get them taken care of before it’s too chilly out.

Make sure your snow blower is ready.

One day the autumn weather will be gone and the snow will fall, so as you prepare for fall, double check that your snow blower is also ready to go. Fall is the perfect time to get it ready and make sure it’s working properly before the first snow storm hits.


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