Home Humidifier Benefits

Whether it is during winter months when the air is very cold and dry, or during the summer when allergies are terrible, a general humidifier for your home comes in handy. On top of adding moisture to the air and making allergies a little bit more bearable, humidifiers do a number of other things that can benefit you, your family, and your home. 

How does a Humidifier work

Home humidifiers are usually installed in your ductwork near your furnace, either on the supply or return end, and is also connected directly to your home's water supply. Water is always running down the humidifier pad, which is located inside the unit, and is collected by a rotating drum. 

The water in the humidifier evaporates into the air increasing the moisture levels. When your furnace or AC is running, a portion of the air gets cycled directly into the humidifier, and then joins back up with the rest of your home’s airflow. 

Humidifier maintenance 

Home humidifiers require minimal maintenance, which is super nice. Usually, you will only need to clean your humidifier once a year. When cleaning your humidifier unit, make sure the power is switched off! If you do not turn your device off before, you are risking a chance of electrocution. 

Next you will want to empty the water reservoir and fill it up to about 2/3rd, while adding a small touch of chlorine bleach to clean any bacteria or fungi. 

You will then need to replace your whole house humidifier water panel, which is either a water pad, evaporator pad or filter depending on the unit. 

Humidifier benefits

The humidity level in your home can do a lot for your health as well as keeping your home and the items inside in good condition. 

Health benefits

Dry air can make colds, allergies and other illnesses feel miserable. When the air in your home is dry, your nasal passage, skin, eyes, nose and mouth can all be affected, causing some discomfort. A humidifier saves the day by adding moisture into your home’s air, and allowing your body to breathe it in. This will also help with:

  • Preventing Influenza 
  • Making a more productive (not dry) cough
  • Reduce snoring
  • Keep skin and hair moist 
  • Reducing asthma complications 

Home benefits

The humidity level can affect your home’s interior. If the air in your home is too dry, the wood finishes in your home, including tables, chairs, flooring and cabinets are at a higher risk of cracking. On the flip side, if the humidity levels are too high in your home, your home is going to feel hot and sticky, and so will your furniture. A general humidifier keep a perfect humidity level in your home, making you and your furniture feel better!

General Humidifiers in your home are very beneficial if you like being healthy, comfortable and maintaining good airflow all over your home. Contact ServiceOne if you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your home humidifier, we are glad to help! 

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