Five Reasons Your Water Pressure Is Low

There are many plumbing factors that can cause your home’s water pressure to decrease, so solving the issue can be harder than you think. To help you find a solution to your low water pressure issue, we have detailed some of the common causes of low water pressure and steps to take to get the issue resolved. 

Partially closed control valve

When you notice your water pressure is lower than usual, the first thing you should do is check the control valve, which is typically close to your water meter. This valve can sometimes become partially closed, especially if you have recently had plumbing work done on your home. Make sure the control-off valve is completely open, and then recheck your water pressure to see if that made any difference!

Faulty Pressure Regulator

Your home’s pressure regulator is there to make sure your water pressure is staying between a safe range of 45-60 psi. However, it is not that uncommon for pressure regulators to malfunction or wear out over time. This could certainly be why you’ve been experiencing low water pressure! Call an Omaha plumber to come check out your pressure regulator and ensure you that it’s still working properly! 

Inadequate water supply

Another reason you may be experiencing low water pressure might be because of inadequate water supply. When you bought your home, your main water supply line was already put in place. If you have added on to your home or added any water fixtures since moving in, your main line may not be enough for your water demands. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber to pull up records. 

Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes are a common reason homeowners experience low water pressure. Believe it or not, clogs don’t only happen right under your drains, and can definitely cause major plumbing issues when found deep in your pipes. If you notice that your water pressure is low and you have a clogged drain, you should call a professional plumber right away to get the issue fixed quickly!

Clogged showerhead

Lastly, more times than not, a clogged showerhead can be to blame for low water pressure. Over time, minerals found in your home’s water can form in the tiny jetholes on your showerhead. To fix this, take your showerhead off and let it soak overnight in a plastic bag full of vinegar. If this does not fix the problem, then purchasing a new showerhead may be needed. 

No one enjoys a low water pressure shower. If you ever experience low water pressure in your home, be sure to keep these common reasons in mind to help you get your problem solved quickly!

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