Fall plumbing maintenance

Fall means lower temperatures, leaves, dust and dirt. With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your pipes for the cold weather ahead. Here are some ways you can maintain your indoor and outdoor plumbing this fall.

Indoor - check your water heater

Check the temperature

Your water heater has to work harder in cold temperatures to heat up the water for your home. You want to make sure your water for your showers is warm and toasty. Make sure to check your water heater is working at full potential. During fall and winter, keep your temperature setting at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum efficiency.

Clean your water heater

Your water heater can build up many sediments over the years.  To ensure you will have warm water this fall remove sediment from your water heater. Sediment can cause corrosion, reduce efficiency and shorten the water heater’s lifespan.

Test the pressure valve

Make sure to test the pressure release valve on your water heater by lifting the lever and allowing it to snap back. The valve should allow a burst of hot water into the drain pipe. Do not conduct this test on units that are five years or older - consult a professional plumber to avoid causing leaks in your system.

Outdoor - check your spigots & hoses  

Always disconnect hoses from spigots. If the temperature falls below freezing, the connected hose could potentially freeze, expand, and even cause connected indoor pipes to burst. If possible, shut off the water valves for any outdoor spigots or water features, and attempt to drain water from your outdoor water lines. As you perform these items, check for any drips or leaks.

It will be much cheaper to make repairs to small drips or leaks instead of letting them go through the winter. Cover outdoor spigots with an insulated cover. These can be found at any home improvement stores. Insulate pipes in unheated areas of the home, such as crawl spaces or garages, and use heat tape around pipes that have a tendency to freeze.

If you are having difficulties this fall with your water heater or plumbing make sure to get us a call! We help with water heater repairs or installation. We can also assist with any plumbing issues. Make your appointment today!


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