Update: Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

As summer temperatures start getting lower, it’s important that you are still upkeeping your home’s HVAC system for optimal performance. Performing regular maintenance ensures that your home will feel comfortable at all times of the year.

Winter will be here before we know it, and you want to make sure your heating system will be working efficiently once the time comes. At ServiceOne, we offer annual AC service Omaha to homeowners in the area. Our expert professionals are very skilled at maintaining your heating and cooling system. 

Our experts are very knowledgeable on heating and cooling systems, we realize that’s not the case with every homeowner. Here are some handy tips to help you manage your heating and cooling system, and help you know when it’s time to call a professional. 

Clean Vents

Your HVAC system vents normally allow dust and dirt to get in during the summer, which can cause your system to work less efficiently than it should. Properly cleaning or replacing your vents will allow your system to not have to work so hard and help save you a couple of extra bucks on your energy bill. 

Replacing your air filter vents is a very easy way to maintain your heating and cooling system. It’s recommended to change your air filter once a month as well as during seasonal changes, and not doing so can create a lot of wear and tear on your system. 

Turn Your Furnace On

It is important to turn on your furnace at some point in the fall to make sure it is still up and running. As your furnace was turned off during the summer, it’s smart to check this earlier than later. It is not ideal to have furnace issues during the cold winter months. 

Once you’ve turned your furnace on, there are signs you can look for that indicate it’s not working correctly. Funny noises and cold air are signs there’s something wrong, and you should call an AC service Omaha professional right away. 

Adjust the Thermostat

During the fall, your home may be more empty since your kids are at school. Also, evening temperatures slowly start to become lower. Because of this, increasing the temperature of your thermostat a couple degrees will help lower your energy bill, make your system work more efficiently, while still providing your home with a comfortable feel. 

Know when to call a Professional

As it is important to maintain your HVAC system as a homeowner, it’s also important to schedule annual checkups on your system. If your system is not working efficiently, you are having high energy bills, or are noticing any unusual sounds, it’s smart to call a professional right away to come and look at it. 

At ServiceOne, we offer the best quality help on everything HVAC. Our AC service Omaha professionals are experts on every problem and will get it fixed right away. We care about our customers and their homes, and work very hard in making sure everything is working and running properly. 

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