Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

May is National Electrical Safety Month, a month that is designed to raise awareness about how we all can reduce electrical-related fatalities, injuries and property loss. According to the ESFI, home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year. This makes understanding electrical systems, as well as ways to stay safe, very important for every homeowner. 

At ServiceOne, our Omaha electricians know exactly how to tackle all home electrical issues. From installations to repairs, our team will ensure your home’s electrical system is working properly and safely. In the midst of National Electrical Safety Month, here are some home electrical safety tips all homeowners should know and follow. 

Electrical safety tips for homeowners

Make sure you are using the correct wattage

Using the correct electrical wattage for all of your home’s fixtures and appliances is one of the easiest ways to protect your home’s electrical system and keep it working properly. Using the wrong wattage on your lightbulbs, kitchen and laundry room appliances, and other fixtures around your home can end up causing long-term issues. 

Avoid overloading outlets

Another thing all homeowners can do in their home to protect their electrical systems is by being vigilant about how many devices are getting plugged into the same wall outlet. Overloading a single outlet with too many devices increases the risk of electrical issues, and can cause potential harm to you, your family and your home. Be sure you are not overloading any of your electrical outlets!

Avoid using extension cords long-term

Extension cords are useful in helping you plug in, however, they should only be used for temporary periods of time. If you find yourself constantly having to use an extension cord anywhere in your home, a good idea would be to call an Omaha electrician to come and install a new outlet for you!

Avoid DIY electrical projects

Do it yourself (DIY) projects may seem like the more cheap and convenient way to repair or install things in your home, however, not every project is a good idea to do yourself, and especially not electrical projects. Whenever you need to repair anything electrical in your home, or install any new electrical elements in your home, you should always hire a professional electrician. Not only will hiring a professional ensure that your job gets done correctly, doing electrical work by yourself, without proper education and training, can be potentially very harmful and increase your risk of getting injured. 

Have your home inspected by a professional electrician

Lastly, one of the best ways to protect yourself, your family and your home, as well as keep your electrical system in good working condition, is by hiring a professional Omaha electrician to come and inspect your home’s electrical equipment. At ServiceOne, our professional and licensed electricians will come to your home and do a thorough inspection of your entire electrical system, making sure that it’s safe to use and working as it should!

This National Electrical Safety Month, it’s important that homeowners realize and focus on the importance of electrical safety in their home. Following these tips, as well as scheduling an electrical inspection, are some simple ways in which anyone can stay safe in their homes!

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