Earth-friendly, detergent-free laundry

ServiceOne have been your Dubuque and Omaha appliance repair experts for years. We’ve even been recipients of the distinguished Best of Omaha certification!

That said, we specialize in more than just repairing your appliances. We can also help optimize and update the devices that keep your home running smoothly. One of those includes your washing machine!

The issues

As long as your washing machine takes the stains and smells out of your clothes when you need it to, you might be content. There’s a lot more to the process when you look closer.

It’s the harsh truth – washing machines aren’t very environmentally-friendly. Hot water, or more specifically heating water for use in your laundry cycles, is one of the main energy-sucking culprits.

Here are a few telling facts about the nature of your washing machine. A four-person household runs an average of 300 to 400 loads per year, with each using 40 gallons per load if you have an older washer. This adds up to about 12,000 gallons per year! That’s a whole lot of water, and heating it costs you money.

Up to 90 percent of energy usage in any laundry cycle is dedicated to heating the water used in cleaning. If your washer operated with cold water only, you could save hundreds every year as well as making your home more “green.”

Our high-tech solution

Detergent-free, cold-water laundry cycles may seem ridiculous at first thought, but we have the technology to make this scenario a reality.

The Aerus Laundry Pro is a totally new way to clean your clothes. It’s effectively an add-on accessory for your washing machine setup to connect to your existing equipment and start saving you money.

How does it work? Activated gases, like oxygen and peroxides, are combined with cold water using Aerus’ patented ActivePure® Technology. This bubbling solution is better at penetrating into the fibers of your clothes than detergent – without leaving residue.

Over time, traditional detergent can cause buildup in your clothing and remove its softness and color. Detergents that have distinct scents may be leaving even more behind in your linens.

The Laundry Pro requires zero detergent, bleach or fabric softener. In addition to preventing plastic waste from the bottles any household consumes, it’s also better for your skin. No more itchy allergic reactions!

The activated oxygen gas used by this system makes your clothes whiter or more colorful by removing more dirt and grime than detergent can. It also prevents bacterial growth even without the use of hot water.

If all of this sounds like a great upgrade to your current laundry process – we agree! ServiceOne is fully equipped to install the Aerus Laundry Pro system and incorporate it with your existing washer/dryer setup. It requires no regular maintenance and has handy indicator lights to let you know when it’s working.

Give us a call and ask about our appliance repair services or the Laundry Pro today!

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