Common Plumbing Myths

As a homeowner, there are many things you do yourself that are actually causing issues in your home. One aspect of your home where there are a lot of myths is your plumbing. There are things that homeowners may be told that can actually cause damage to their plumbing system. On the other hand, there are things that homeowners are told to avoid that don’t cause any issues at all. As a homeowner, it’s important that you listen to the plumbing facts, plain and simple. 

At ServiceOne, we offer residential and commercial plumbing services to ensure your plumbing system is in good working order at all times during the year. Our professional and licensed plumbers understand all the plumbing facts that homeowners need to know. Below, we share some of the most common plumbing myths and explain why they aren’t true!

Cleaning your drains is safe

When a plumber hears “I’ll just clean my drain,” you can see them physically shudder. It’s not safe to be cleaning your drains, especially with chemical drain cleaners bought from the store. These cleaners can burn and damage your pipe, causing plumbing issues down the road. Not only are store bought drain cleaners a hazard to your pipes but also the environment.

When you have a clogged drain in your home, it’s a smart idea to stray away from chemical cleaners and hire a professional plumber to come out and unclog your drain!

Copper pipes lead to freezing pipes

Another huge myth is that if you have copper pipes, you are more likely to have frozen pipes during the winter. However, this statement in itself is false. The material of your pipes does not determine whether or not your pipes will be frozen. Both plastic and copper pipes are prone to freezing in cold weather if they aren’t insulted properly. 

Our professional plumbers recommend that your pipes are properly insulated, especially in non-climate controlled areas like the outside or basements. The last thing you want is for your pipes to burst in the middle of winter. If you do happen to have any of your plumbing pipes freeze, make sure you contact a plumber to find the safest way to get your issue resolved before an entire plumbing disaster occurs. 

Flushable wipes are okay to flush down your toilet

Lastly, many homeowners believe that “flushable” wipes are okay to flush down their drains. However, this is far from the truth. Although flushable wipe companies say their products are okay to flush down your toilets, they simply are not. When flushed down your pipes, these wipes combine with other waste products and can eventually cause major clogs. When choosing between flushable wipes and regular toilet paper, it’s a good idea to stray away from the wipes! 

Although there are many things that homeowners need to know to protect their plumbing system, there are also things that they should not listen to. If you are ever questioning whether or not you are keeping your plumbing system safe, be sure to call a ServiceOne plumber! Our team is here to answer any of your questions with plumbing facts!

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