Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal might be one of the most underappreciated features. Garbage disposals are used to grind up food debris into small pieces, ultimately allowing them to flow down your plumbing drains without getting clogged or stuck. However, like pretty much every home appliance and feature, issues can occur. 

Running into garbage disposal problems in your home can cause homeowners many headaches. Luckily, you can do things to help prevent garbage disposal problems from occurring, as well as signs to look out for to find these issues quickly. 

At ServiceOne, our professional and expert plumbers have helped fix manyf garbage disposals over the years. Our experience is what sets us apart from other home repair companies in the area. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common garbage disposal problems, and signs to look out for that may indicate an issue!


One of the most common issues our plumbers see with garbage disposal are clogs. Garbage disposal clogs are much more likely to happen after large gatherings such as holidays due to the amount of food debris washed down the drain. 

There are many signs that may indicate that your garbage disposal is clogged, including pooling water around your kitchen drain, humming or gurgling noises, and unpleasant odors. Usually, when you think your garbage disposal is clogged, it’s a smart idea to call a plumber to come take a look. This will ensure you that you are getting your issue resolved correctly and safely. 

Garbage disposal won’t turn on

Have you realized that your garbage disposal won’t even turn on? This is another sign that there may be a serious issue with your garbage disposal. Oftentimes, homeowners may hear a “humming” or “buzzing” noise when flipping their garbage disposal switch, but do not hear the blades actually turning. This indicates that it’s not an electrical issue, but an issue within your plumbing pipes. 

If there is no sound at all when you flip your garbage disposal switch, then you will want to reset the device beneath your sink and try again. If resetting your garbage disposal doesn’t do the trick, then there is more than likely a more serious issue. Calling a ServiceOne repair tech to come investigate your problem is probably your best choice!


Lastly, many homeowners experience leaks under their sink due to their garbage disposal. This can be caused by a number of things, however, it usually is a result of an improper installation. A corroded seal on your garbage disposal could be another culprit.

If you notice that your garbage disposal is leaking, it’s best to get it checked out ASAP. 

Garbage disposal problems can become even more serious if not acted upon right away. If you notice any signs that may indicate a problem, the safe play would be to call a plumbing professional to come take a look.

At ServiceOne, we offer a variety of home services, including plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical and appliance repair. Our team of professionals can identify and fix pretty any problem put in front of them. To learn more about our services, visit our website today!

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