Common Dryer Problems

Have you noticed that it takes a substantially longer time for your clothes to dry? Or maybe you have been hearing strange noises coming from your dryer. Whatever the case may be, laundry going bad can cause homeowners many unwanted headaches. And finding an issue with your washer or dryer will only make the situation worse. 

At ServiceOne, our appliance repair technicians have helped many homeowners get their kitchen and laundry appliances fixed. Our team has seen every problem in the book, and knows the solutions that will get these issues fixed. In this blog, we discuss some of the most common dryer problems, how you can identify them, and steps to take to get these issues resolved!

Dryer makes strange noises

It is never a good sign when any of your home’s appliances begin to make different sounds or strange noises when in use. This is especially true for your dryer. For your dryer, this is more than likely caused by your dryer drum failing. Overtime, your dryer seal can become worn due to overloading or contact with foreign objects. If you notice weird noises coming from your dryer, it’s a good idea to contact a ServiceOne appliance repair technician right away to come take a look!

Clothes are taking too long to dry / insufficient heat

Next on the list of common dryer problems comes the situation where your clothes just won’t dry. If you are noticing this problem at home, know that you’re not alone! Normally, this means that there is an issue within your dryer’s heating element, and the good news is that it can be easily repaired! However, it’s a smart idea to call a professional appliance repair technician rather than trying to take care of the issue yourself

Clothes get too hot

Going off the previous issue, there are also times in which your dryer can become too hot. This is usually caused by a clogged vent or faulty heating coils, both of which are an easy fix. Be sure that you are regularly checking and cleaning both your lint trap, as well as the vent on the outside of your home to reduce the chance of overheating! 

Also, if either is clogged, there is also a risk of carbon monoxide buildup, so it’s important that you do not forget to check these regualrly! 

Dryer runs but turns off unexpectedly

Last on the list of common dryer problems is when your dryer turns on, starts to run, but then shuts off unexpectedly. This issue is usually linked to a malfunctioning thermostat. Your dryers thermostat could become broken by consistently overloading your machine, blocked ventilation or clogged lint traps. Be sure that you are doing regular maintenance on your dryer, as well as being mindful of the size of loads you are drying, to prevent this from happening! 

Whether your dryer is becoming too hot, too loud or just not working as it should be, you should always call a professional appliance repair technician to come take a look. Hiring a professional will ensure you that your issue gets fixed correctly and that your machine will last you for many more years to come. 

At ServiceOne, we offer appliance repair services to help you continue living comfortably in your home. If you ever run into an issue with any of your home’s major appliances, do not hesitate to give us a call!

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