Clean Air Tips And Tricks

When it comes to maintaining a healthy home, indoor air quality should be a top priority. The air we breathe plays a huge role in our health, and considering homeowners like to spend time in their homes, it only makes sense to want quality air within your home. 

There are many factors that can affect the quality of air in your home. From pets to dirt, allergens and other pollutants. Poor air quality within your home could put your and your family’s health at risk. 

At ServiceOne, our team works hard to ensure your home is comfortable and healthy year-round. We offer a variety of indoor air quality products to help improve the air you breathe while you’re relaxing in your home. Below, we go over some tips and tricks you can do to improve your home’s air quality. 

Open windows

Opening your home’s windows is one of the easiest and best ways to improve your home’s air quality. Even if it’s only for five minutes a day, opening your windows helps dissipate harmful pollutants in your home’s air, as well as bring a sense of “fresh air” into your home!

Utilize houseplants

Another way to help keep your home’s air clean and healthy is by utilizing houseplants! Houseplants offer much more than natural decoration. They can help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide, harmful chemicals and pollutants that may be lingering throughout your home’s air!  

Vacuum regularly

Dirt and dust are two things that can be found in almost every home, and your carpet and floors are notorious homes for both of these! By vacuuming and cleaning hard surfaced floors regularly, you can significantly reduce the amount of dust, dirt and other particles that may end up circulating throughout your home’s air. 

Replace your air filter

Another important thing to do to improve your home’s air quality is to make sure you are regularly replacing your air filter. After time, your home’s air filter can get pretty disgusting. 

This is especially true if you have pets, as their hair and dander will make its way into your filter very easily. By replacing your air filter every two to three months, you will certainly notice cleaner, healthier air in your home!

Invest in a UV air purifier

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s air quality is by investing in air quality products. One air quality product that works wonders is a UV air purifier. UV air purifiers will help filter out biological particles like bacteria and other chemical particles such as VOC’s. By killing germs and bacteria, a UV air purifier will ensure you and your family are staying healthy all year long!

At ServiceOne, we have a variety of indoor air quality products, including the Patriot Carbon UV Air Purifier, that you can choose from. We offer air quality packages that include installation costs, with different financing options to choose from. If you are looking to improve your home’s air quality, do not wait! Call our team today!

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