Benefits Of Generators

The winter months in the Midwest are usually filled with freezing temperatures, windy days, and, of course, snow and ice. A mixture of all of these elements can switch your home’s electricity off for many hours in just the blink of an eye. Losing power is never fun, especially during the frigid winter months. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your home never loses access to electricity, no matter how big the winter storm. 

Backup home generators offer homeowners stability and confidence knowing that even when their neighborhood's power goes out, their home’s power will remain up and running. Powered by gas, your generator will ensure your home stays powered no matter what. 

At ServiceOne, our team has installed many backup generators in homes across Omaha, Nebraska, and we understand the advantages that come with owning one! Below, we explain the benefits that generators offer, and how to buy one for your home. 

Overview of backup generators

Backup home generators are permanently installed, usually on a concrete pad outside of your home. These permanent generators are connected directly to your home’s electrical system so they can provide uninterrupted power for days if needed. They run on natural gas or propane,  and they come with the flexibility for you to choose what systems/appliances you want them to power in case of an electrical outage.

Benefits of backup generators

Ease of mind

One of the greatest benefits that backup generators offer to homeowners is the ease of mind knowing that you will never have to worry about losing power. Once a power outage occurs, your backup generator is programmed to turn on automatically, without you having to do anything. This will give you ease of mind knowing that your home, yourself and your family will stay comfortable and safe whenever a power outage occurs

Quiet operation

When some people think about generators, they think about loud, noisy sounds. Although some generators do produce a lot of noise, quality backup home generators usually don’t! This means that, in the event of a blackout, you and your family will be able to stay comfortable and relax in your home, without any noise!

Protects against power surges

During a power outage, your home is susceptible to potentially dangerous voltage fluctuations and power surges once your power is finally restored. With a backup home generator, your home is better protected against these 

Your food won’t go bad

During a severe Midwestern winter storm, homes can be left without power for extended periods of time. The longer a power outage is, the more likely your home’s food and other things will end up going bad. With a backup home generator, you will not have to worry about this, as your generator will power your appliances!

How to determine which size of generator to get?

Generators come in many different sizes. The size of your home, as well as how much you are wanting your generator to power, will determine which size of generator is right for you. If you need to determine which size of generator to choose, give our team a call!

At ServiceOne, we supply and install Generac home generators! If you are considering installing a new generator in your home, our team is here to help. Visit our website to learn all about our generator services!

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