Benefits Of A Backup Generator During A Midwestern Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means one thing here in the Midwest; thunderstorm season is right around the corner. Severe thunderstorms in the Midwest are most common from May to July, and they can bring high winds, lightning, hail and heavy amounts of rainfall on any given day. As a homeowner, it’s a smart idea to always stay prepared. 

One of the best ways to stay prepared for the least expected is by having a backup plan in place. As severe weather in the Midwest can cause power outages, having a backup home generator is one of the best ways to stay prepared. Our team at ServiceOne understands how beneficial backup home generators can be. Below, we go over why backup generators are beneficial for homeowners!

Helps keep you safe

Backup home generators will help keep you and your family safe during severe summer weather. The biggest benefit is that, with a backup generator, your home will never lose power, no matter how big the storm. During a power outage, your backup generator will automatically kick on and power your home’s electrical system. This allows you to keep your lights, AC and appliances working properly.

Protects against power surges

During a power outage, potentially dangerous voltage fluctuations and power surges can happen, especially when your power is finally restored. With a backup home generator, your home is better protected against outside power fluctuations.

Keeps you cool

Summer heat can get pretty intense in the Midwest and bring along some severe weather. If a severe storm hits during a heat wave, you definitely do not want to lose the power of your air conditioner. With a backup home generator, you won’t have to worry about losing cool air in your home. A generator will make sure your AC is always powered, whether you lose electricity or not. 

Helps protect against flooding

Summer storms usually come with heavy rainfalls, which have the potential to cause flooding in any home. Luckily, homeowners can protect their homes from flooding with a sump pump! But what happens when your home loses power and your sump pump will not have any power to work? Having a backup generator ensures that your sump pump will continue working even if a power outage occurs in your area. This can significantly reduce the risk of flood damage occurring in your home!

As the summer months continue to approach, preparing for severe weather now can end up saving you later on, and keep you and your family safe. If you don’t have one, consider installing a backup home generator so you don’t have to worry about losing power to a strong storm. If you already have one, make sure it’s working properly! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your backup home generators, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our team members! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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