5 Reasons Why To Invest In Home Automation For The Summer

We’ve survived the cold winter months - and even a few recent snow flurries! Time to start focusing on the summer ahead that is soon to come. Schools will be letting out, kids will be home for summer break, your pets may be in and out of the back door more and more. It’s hard to keep an eye on your home when you’re out and about during the summer, at work, at sports practices and games, or even lounging at the pool. Savvy homeowners are wanting to “smarten up” their homes now to be sure that everything is all right when they are away enjoying summer fun. Your local Omaha home automation and Dubuque home automation specialists are already gearing up for a busy season.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Home Automation For The Summer

Home Automation Increases Your Home Security

One of the primary benefits of home automation is increased security to your family members and belongings. You can keep track of almost every aspect of your home with real-time video streamed straight to your tablet or smartphone.

With warmer, summer weather, you may be tempted to leave doors or windows open, leaving your home, your family, and your valuables in harm’s way. With a smart home automation solution, you can check in on your house to see what has been left vulnerable and re-secure your home.

Another option is purchasing wi-fi video doorbells. You can see who’s ringing your doorbell - whether you’re in the house alone and nervous to answer the door, or when you’re away from home!

Home Automation Enhances Your Entertainment

While security is the primary benefit, the mind-blowing entertainment options make home automation very attractive to new clients, too. With an integrated control panel for your home theater system, you can easily toggle through and select your viewing options with little to no hassle.

Home Automation Helps You Save Money

Do you like to have the temperature in your home cooler when you’re there, but leave it a little warmer when you’re not? Your home automation control panel on your smartphone or tablet can help if you forget to adjust the temperature after you’ve left.

If you have kids who leave the lights on in rooms they’re not using, a home automation solution can help you to “switch off” those lights from your phone or tablet when you’re not there.

Both of these scenarios save you on your electric bills every month!

Home Automation Can Give You Peace Of Mind - Even While You’re On Vacation!

Because you can access your control panel from anywhere you have wifi or smart access, you can check in on your home while you’re away, whether it’s for a daytrip or a week-long cruise.

If you get an alarm or notification while you’re gone, you can also check in without having to “wake up a neighbor” or someone else to check on your house.

Home Automation Can Help You Give Access To Your Home - Without Handing Out Keys

With our home automation solution, you can create codes for everyone who needs access to your home. For you and your kids, maybe you want permanent codes that each person can remember easily. If you need to create a temporary code for a repairman, deliveryman, or other service professional like a dog walker, you can do that, too. And all codes can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet!

Have you made it one of your summer home improvement projects to have a smarter home solution? Don’t try to DIY, contact us today!


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